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Top 25 Coolest Black Males

I often say that my greatest wealth is my library of writing books. One day, I realized that only three of them ever mentioned the most important secret of good writing. A careful search turned up repeated discussions on the following: plot, dialogue, characterization, description, viewpoint, pace and tone, and voice.

I listened further and the topic shifted to the glorification of imprisoned local gangsters. I sincerely wanted to jump in and try to set this crowd straight. As I rose from my seat prepared for the barrage of verbal assaults my micro lecture would bring, they all walked past me as if triggered by internal alarm warning of an oncoming authority figure.

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Except for their FREEdom which you don’t really have either, they had it good. Think about it, tremendous job security, not have to worry about losing their jobs and all of life’s necessities. How many today have this? How many today would love to have this?

Usually maintain close ties with brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, and friends. They are lonely and single as well as sex-starved. As you know that, most Single adult club for black men have different ways of dealing with sex and still lack of sex. Most Single Club for Black Women are not as health as married women.

Well, the young officer, Tom Hansen (Ryan Phillippe), is not all bad. He is partnered up with a bigoted white officer who continuously harasses BlackPeopleConnecting.com for no apparent reason other than the fact that they are black. Officer Hanson is very unhappy with his partner’s behavior and protects the people that are unfortunate enough to get stopped.

Bimboeruption: This situation has escalated out of control. It’s clear for the sake of justice, Zimmerman will need help. I’m glad he’s finally getting it . . . The media and the race hustlers saw to that. Where’s the “New White Cougars” or something like that to form a protective bodyguard for Zimmerman and put out a bounty on anyone threatening to interfere with his safety and due process?

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